If I qualify for the 4Ds reward, do I also get the previous rewards?

No, all of the rewards are unique and require you meet the purchase threshold for each individual category.

If I haven't purchased my shoes yet, what's the best way to confirm my order

Navigate to the Reward Selection, select your desired rewards, hit submit, and choose Buy Shoes. After you fill out the form, a representative from Gary's personal team will be in touch to facilitate the purchase order.

Say I've previously purchased 10 pairs of the 003's, can I upgrade to one of the current rewards?

As long as you have not yet received a reward for said purchase order, you can purchase the difference to meet the threshhold requirement for your desired reward. In upgrading, you will forfeit any previously agreed-upon barter agreement.

I have a different question

Email sneakerbarter@vaynermedia.com and we'll get in touch.